Our Motto
Ekam Sad Vipra Bahudha Vadanti
एकम् सद् विप्र बहुधा वदंति

It is said in Rigveda that -
The truth is one, but the wise express it in various ways;

ऋगवेद में कहा गया है कि –
सत्य एक ही है, लेकिन विद्वत-जन, संत-जन इसे भिन्न-भिन्न प्रकार से निरुपित करते हैं; श्री साईं बाबा द्वारा “सबका मालिक एक” का महा-उद्घोष, इसी भाव का आसान प्रकटीकरण है – ताकि यह जन-जन की समझ बन सके;

Vision 2025
  • All the Social Programs (as described under Phase 1 and Phase 2), should be fully operational .
  • Shree Sai World University (SSWU), India .
  • Shree Sai Param Dham (SSPD), Delhi NCR .
  • Shree Sai Nilay (SSN), Shirdi .
  • All the districts (approx. 700) of India, are covered with at least one Shree Sai Ghar (SSG), each .
  • Minimum 50 countries are covered with at least one Shree Sai Ghar (SSG), each .
  • One million (10 lacs), cumulative copies of Shree Sai Satcharita (SSS)’ distribution .
  • Half million (5 lacs), Annual Sai Calendars’ distribution, per year (by 2025) .
  • Half million (5 lacs), regular subscribers for Shree Sai Ki Anubhuti-SSKA (by 2025) .

To live our goal and motto and to pursue our vision, under the loving and divine guidance of Baba, we have planned a set of Programs/Activities for coming years.
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Join Us
A Universal Sai Movement has been conceptualized and is being steered by the International Sai Foundation, with the loving grace of Shri Sai Nath Maharaj. This is a blissful and heartiest invitation to you, to be a part of this Divine Activity.
Individual        Institution

An individual’s participation in this Universal Sai-Bhakti Movement, in any form, would be the true gratitude of our being, in the lotus feet of Baba, and thereby adding Sai’s grace to our life

An institution may join us by opting for one of the compliment pages, from the various slabs as described in the ‘Shri Sai Ki Anubhuti’ card. There is a special offer; if you plan for one full year (i.e. Four Quarterly Editions), you may obtain it by paying only for three editions. These gestures are bound to enhance your spiritual contentment.

Membership Form
Page no. 1 & 2 of the Membership Form, is to be filled in and page no 3 & 4 is to be retained with you for future reference. Either you download, print and send the Form along with payment OR you do the online submission along with online payment.
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Contact Details
Visit Us : www.internationalsaifoundation.org
Mail Us: office@internationalsaifoundation.org
Call Us : +91  120-4548457, 9582997170, 9818005082

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